WATCH: Zara Larsson Reveals Her Plans To Become Best Friends With Ed Sheeran

28 March 2019, 08:22

Before touring with Ed Sheeran, the 'Don't Worry Bout Me' singer vowed to make Ed her BFF.

Who doesn't want to be best mates with Zara Larsson? After Ariana Grande praised her and jumped on one of her songs, she seems like BFF material.

The 'Lush Life' star caught up with Rob Howard and Lauren Layfield, ahead of her upcoming live shows with Ed Sheeran.

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Zara Larsson released her new single 'Don't Worry Bout Me'
Zara Larsson released her new single 'Don't Worry Bout Me'. Picture: Capital

After Zara referred to the 'Perfect' singer as "Eddy Boy", she promised "we will be" best friends, and planned on making it happen.

The pair have worked together in the past, and Zara said that she probably didn't need a strategy on making him her bestie, as he's "so genuine, and once you start talking to him, you'll have a good time".

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Zara has released a brand new single, called 'Don't Worry Bout Me' - the follow up track to 'Ruin My Life'.

In an interview with Billboard, Zara Larsson has referred to 'Don't Worry Bout Me' as one of her favourites, and even called it 'Ruin My Life, Part 2'.