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Halsey starts a Black Creators Fund to raise voice of Black artists and is funding it herself

Halsey Sets Up The Black Creators Fund To Support & Amplify Black Artists

Halsey is super proud of her baby bro.

Halsey Praises Little Brother For ‘Finding His Voice’ & ‘Protesting Every Single Day’ For Black Lives Matter

Halsey responded to J.K. Rowling's transphobic posts on Twitter

Halsey Calls Out J.K. Rowling Over Series Of Transphobic Tweets

Halsey praised for educated response about being bi-racial on Twitter

Halsey Praised For Educated Response To Being 'White Passing' & Embracing Her Biracial Heritage

Halsey and Yungblud have been protesting together in LA

Halsey And Yungblud Among Protestors 'Fired At With Rubber Bullets' During Justice Rally In LA

Halsey and Yungblud have fuelled rumours that they're dating again

Are Halsey And Yungblud Back Together? And Why Did They Split Up?

Yungblud left a flirty comment on Halsey's Instagram video

Halsey’s Ex Boyfriend Yungblud Leaves Thirsty Comment On Her Sexy Instagram Video

Halsey has opened up about the 'abusive' relationship in the past.

Halsey Says She Was Made ‘The Villain’ In G-Eazy Break-Up Because Of Misogynistic Stereotypes

Halsey is a massive Directioner

Resurfaced Video Of Halsey Proves She's A Huge One Direction Stan: "When 'Little Things' Came Out I Cried For 16 Hours”

Halsey claimed her ex G-Eazy was abusive

Halsey Responds To G-Eazy Taunts With Claim She Was In An Abusive Relationship After Shutting Down A Fan Repeatedly Shouting Her Ex's Name

Halsey lashes out at fan who shouts 'G-Eazy' at her during gig

WATCH: Halsey Loses It At Fan Repeatedly Shouting 'G-Eazy' During Her Show: "I Will Kick Your A**"

Halsey has been dating Evan Peters since October

Halsey's Fans Resurface Old Tweets Of Her Fangirling Over Boyfriend Evan Peters Before They Were Together

Halsey reactions and memes to 'You Should Be Sad'

The Best Memes & Reactions To Halsey's 'You Should Be Sad' Music Video

Halsey organised a last-minute concert for fire relief in Australia

Halsey Pulls Together Last Minute Show In Melbourne For Fire Relief After Falls Festival Is Cancelled Due To Wildfires

Halsey is dropping her album in 2020

Halsey’s ‘Manic’ Album: Track List, Release Date & Tour

Halsey seemingly slammed the Grammys at this year's AMAs

WATCH: Halsey Seemingly Slams The Grammys During Her AMAs Acceptance Speech

Halsey isn't pregnant, she just loves pancakes

Halsey Isn't Pregnant, She Just Loves Pancakes

Taylor Swift has been flooded with support from celebrities

Taylor Swift Supported By Celebs Including Halsey And Lily Allen After Scooter Braun & Scott Borchetta ‘Ban’ Her From Singing Old Songs