Halsey Calls Out People Asking If Her Pregnancy Was Planned

2 March 2021, 10:18

Halsey calls out questions about her pregnancy
Halsey calls out questions about her pregnancy. Picture: Instagram @halsey

Halsey has called out questions about whether her pregnancy was planned

Halsey has asked why it is acceptable to ask people about their fertility, calling out questions asked about her pregnancy and whether it was planned.

The 'Graveyard' singer has highlighted the inappropriate nature of asking her about her baby-to-be and the health problems she has been open about facing in the past.

The star announced her pregnancy in January 2021 and has since revealed her happiness at conceiving a child as she suffers from endometriosis, a debilitating condition that affects the womb and can prevent people from having children.

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So, it really isn't surprising the singer isn't pleased with people discussing her pregnancy.

The 26-year-old took to Instagram to hit out at the questions she's faced.

She said: "Why is it ok to speculate and pass judgement about fertility and conception?"

"My pregnancy was 100% planned and I tried very hard for this [baby]."

"But I would be just as happy even if it were another way."

Halsey calls out people questioning if her pregnancy was planned
Halsey calls out people questioning if her pregnancy was planned. Picture: Instagram @halsey

Her announcement came as a surprise to many as it wasn't known she was in a relationship with screenwriter Alev Aydin until she broke the big news and fans rushed to congratulate the singer.

She has long since told her fanbase she wanted a child, so naturally they are over the moon for her.

Halsey has spoken about suffering from endometriosis on a number of occasions and become a mouthpiece for educating people on the condition and supporting others with it.

The star has been opening up about her journey, posting snaps of her blossoming bump, her cravings and generally laying back, relaxing and enjoying the whole process.

It isn't known exactly when her due date is- but it will be sometime in the summer of 2021!

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