Camila Cabello's Second Album: Title, Release Date & Collaboraters

17 January 2019, 15:41

Camila Cabello's revealed she's writing her second solo album and even has a title in mind for it, so find out everything about a potential release date, title and future collaborations.

Camila Cabello's let fans know she's hard at work on her second solo album after taking 'her first break in six years' around Christmas, where Camila travelled to the UK and visited Harry Potter World, read books and generally relaxed.

Camila Cabello's Visit To The Harry Potter Set Is Everything We Wanted It To Be

After The Cuban-American singer's first solo album, 'Camila' gave us hits like 'Havana' and 'Never Be The Same', what can we expect from the second album, what will it be called and who will feature on it?

When will it be released?

The 21-year-old has hinted that she's already pretty far through the second record when she tweeted: "Hi, I just took my first real break in 6 years and I feel amazing. Can I finish my 2nd album now please?" and has also told fans how grateful she feels to be able to do what she loves every day.

She said: "1st day back to writing the new album- I feel so lucky that I get to do this every day. This was my dream when I was younger, getting to make songs everyday and now I’m here. I’m reminding myself of that every single day this year."

So, although we don't have a release date, or even month yet, we can probably expect the album sometime in 2019.

Who will she collaborate with?

Camila Cabello fans want to know who she will collaborate with on her second album
Camila Cabello fans want to know who she will collaborate with on her second album. Picture: Twitter

With a second album comes fan speculation (which, we have to say if often pretty accurate!) about just who their favourite star will team up with on their next album, and Camila fans definitely have their theories.

Having previously collaborated with BFF Shawn Mendes on 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' back in 2017, both have teased they could be creating a sequel to the song and even shared a snap of them playing guitar together.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello tease 'IKWYDLS2'
Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello tease 'IKWYDLS2'. Picture: Instagram

What's the title of Camila's second album?

Camila actually hinted a while back that she's already got an idea of what she'd like to call the second album, telling Beats 1: "I have an idea for where I want my second album to go. I have a possible title for it."

What songs will be on the album?

Camila Cabello and Pharell performed 'Sangria Wine' at the 2018 Billboard Awrards
Camila Cabello and Pharell performed 'Sangria Wine' at the 2018 Billboard Awrards. Picture: Getty

Aside from the possibility of 'IKWYDLS2' with Shawn, we'll be keeping an eye out for 'Sangria Wine', featuring Pharell which she released in May of 2018 after fans requested it, although it's unknown whether it was a stand alone single or a track from her upcoming album.

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