Anne-Marie Has Been Getting Real With Fans About Her ADHD On Twitter

20 September 2019, 11:42

Anne-Marie has been opening up about her ADHD.
Anne-Marie has been opening up about her ADHD. Picture: instagram

Anne-Marie has opened up about her ADHD.

Anne-Marie has been opening up about her ADHD on Twitter.

The ‘2002’ singer, who also recently revealed she has OCD, anxiety and dyslexia, took to Twitter to share her thoughts about living with ADHD.

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She said: “My ADHD brain is treating me well lately. I've hated it most my life but these past few days. Yeah, I think I like it.”

In a separate tweet, she said: “So weird how society tries to make you believe there is something wrong with you because you’re different.”

Speaking to a tabloid about her anxiety, earlier in the year, she said: “I suffer really badly with anxiety. It’s something that affects this career so much, because people expect you to be confident.

“You’ve chosen this career, which obviously means you’re very confident, because you have to go on stage in front of thousands of people and do all these interviews and meet fans.

“I have a lot of things going on. I have anxiety, I have obsessive–compulsive disorder, I have attention- deficit disorder, I have dyslexia — I have a lot of things going on in my brain.”

She told The Guardian that her label would give her time off to deal with anxiety, if she asked for it, but admitted she is waiting for the right moment.

She said: “I don’t think you should wait until it’s really bad, to be honest, but I think, until something really drastic happens to me, that’s when I’ll be like, OK, I need to stop.”

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