We're Convinced Sean Paul's Bae Is Actually His Towel & Here's All The Evidence To Prove It

13 June 2017, 15:21

Sean Paul Loves His Towel

Do you love anything more than Sean Paul loves his towel?

He's a music icon and has soundtracked the summer for all of us over the years, but whilst we may love him, it turns out Sean Paul loves something far greater than us...his towel.

Now this may surprise you and leave you feeling confused, as were we at first, but Sean's recent appearance at the #CapitalSTB provided us with all the evidence we'd ever need to prove our theory...

Sean Paul Brought ALL His Anthems For A Totally Epic #CapitalSTB Live Set

1. We grabbed a picture of Sean Paul on our red carpet at the #CapitalSTB and what's that in his right hand? Yep, his favourite towel.

Sean Paul Summertime Ball 2017 Red Carpet
(Pic: PA)

2. Just to prove that the picture wasn't a one off, here's another one of the 'Dutty Rock' star posing with the cotton beauty...

Sean Paul Summertime Ball 2017 Red Carpet
(Pic: PA)

3. 'Surely he didn't take it on stage though during his amazing set did he?' we hear you ask. Oh yes - yes he really did.

4. Sean made sure bae towel was centre of attention during his live set...

5. When Clean Bandit brought Sean out to perform their smash hit 'Rockabye', yeah you guessed it - along comes Mr Towel.

6. Surely he wouldn't bring it with him when he performed 'Hair' alongside Little Mix for the first time ever would he?

7. When he was parted with it briefly, Sean's team made sure he was reunited with his love ASAP!

8. Turns out we weren't the only ones who noticed how attached he was to his towel either...

9. Everyone was wondering what was going on...

10. Unbelievably it seems as though this isn't the first time Sean has been attached to his towel...

11. A few people out there are actually now proud owners of a Sean Paul stage towel...

12. Really proud owners...

13. You can even buy a Sean Paul stage towel on eBay!

Sean Paul Towel on eBay

So if there's anything you love more than Sean Paul loves his towel, please let us know because right now we're questioning our whole lives!

Reminisce about just how much we love Sean Paul (and his towel) by reliving his brilliant live performance of 'No Lie' alongside Dua Lipa at the #CapitalSTB...

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