Real Name: Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler
Born: 8 May 1975
Height: 6' 1" / 1.87 m
Star Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Madrid, Spain
Hometown: Miami, Florida, USA

The Spanish recording artist - who was formerly known as Enrique Martinez - is widely referred to as the King of Latin Pop after he made a successful crossover into the mainstream market. He is the best-selling Latin artist in the UK and one of the best-selling Spanish artists ever.

Did you know?
Enrique began writing songs in his friend's garage at the age of 15.
When he was starting out, many critics disliked his facial stubble and his habit of wearing jeans on stage.
He dedicated his first album to his nanny, Elvira; the only person who knew he dreamed of becoming a singer.
First Single: 'Si Tú Te Vas'
Enrique Iglesias Discography: 'Enrique Iglesias' (1995), 'Vivir' (1997), 'Cosas del Amor' (1998), 'Enrique' (1999), 'Escape' (2001), 'Quizás' (2002), '7' (2003), 'Insomniac' (2007), 'Euphoria' (2010) and 'Sex and Love' (2014)