A Holiday Expert Is Helping People Get Their Flight Money Refunded

20 April 2020, 15:51

Holiday expert is helping everyone get their flight money refunded
Holiday expert is helping everyone get their flight money refunded. Picture: Instagram @howmanyholidays

'How Many Holidays' blogger, Chelsea Dickenson, is helping people to get their flight money refunded.

A holiday and travel expert and blogger is on a mission to help everyone with flights booked to get the refund they're entitled to during the COVID-19 pandemic, and she's already helped so many people get their money back!

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Chelsea Dickenson, who goes by the handle @howmanyholidays, is an expert in everything to do with getting bang for your buck on holiday, be it flights, accommodation, or food, but also knows a thing or two about consumer rights and is using this time to help a lot of frustrated people get their refunds.

Aiming to compile customers' experiences across the spectrum of airlines, Chelsea has created a comprehensive survey you can access through her Instagram and Twitter page, and will be publishing a summary of of the data online soon.

The main purpose is to help save you sifting through endless web pages and dead ends to get you the answer you need and see what you're entitled to!

Chelsea Dickenson's created a survey to build a better idea of airline refund policies
Chelsea Dickenson's created a survey to build a better idea of airline refund policies. Picture: Chelsea Dickenson/ @howmanyholidays

Many airlines are offering vouchers in place of a refund, something Chelsea has urged fans not to accept if they are in need of the cash, which they are fully entitled to.

Taking to Twitter, she perfectly captured what so many people have experienced dealing with airlines and sharing what she's concluded so far.

As well as claiming some airlines have removed their refund option and are making it 'difficult' for people to contact them, she's posted tips including using credit card insurance or debit card chargeback rather than going through the airlines.

She wrote: "I do understand that this a really crap situation for travel companies but concerned that some are disregarding consumer rights and apparently making up their own rules?!"

So, if you're having a tricky experience getting a refund, take Chelsea's survey to help her paint a clearer picture and get yours and other consumer's money back!

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