Poppy paints a self-portrait and talks I Disagree | PopBuzz Meets

10 January 2020, 17:56

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

"I started out with good intentions but...nope"

Happy Poppy album release day! Yes, the internet's favourite oddball android has released her third, metal-inspired studio album, I Disagree, today (Jan 10th) and to celebrate we have a very special video with Poppy to share.

A few months back, Poppy dropped by PopBuzz HQ to promote her upcoming record and we thought we'd do something a little different.

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Poppy is no stranger to the art world. The Poppy 'persona' is basically a performance art project (at least, we think it is!). So, it felt appropriate to test Poppy's actual art skills by asking her to paint a self-portrait while sharing her, erm, unique perspective on life's most profound and philosophical questions. And if that doesn't sound like great content, I don't know what is.

Prepare yourselves for Poppy's views on art, happiness, cats, robots, going to Jupiter and much much more. Hit the play button at the top of this page and then head to our YouTube channel for more videos with your faves.

I Disagree is out now.