Will Camila Cabello Perform 'Señorita' With Shawn Mendes Or New Music At The 2019 VMAs?

14 August 2019, 15:08

Camila Cabello fans think she's about to release a single
Camila Cabello fans think she's about to release a single. Picture: YouTube/ Shawn Mendes

Is Camila Cabello about to drop the lead single from her second album? Are her and Shawn Mendes finally going to perform Señorita at the 2019 VMAs? We need answers, and fans may have them.

Fans just got majorly excited when the 2019 VMA performers were announced, and it included none other than Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes, who are still yet to perform their #1 summer hit 'Señorita' together.

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Shawn and Camila walking in New York
Shawn and Camila walking in New York. Picture: Getty Images

People have excitedly started to debate whether the pair will be performing at the awards ceremony separately, together, or will be having a major duet moment, but either way, fans are pretty sure they'll be seated together seeing as they're now officially an item (yay).

Some fans suspect she'll announce the lead single from her upcoming second album any day now, in which case we may only be getting separate solo performances from the pair, with Shawn thought to sing 'If I Can't Have You', in that case.

One user tweeted "I have a theory: Camila will perform/premiere the lead single at the VMAs (might perform señorita too) and another wrote "....are shawn and camila performing together or is she performing the debut single from her new album?"

Camila has been busily working on her second album since the start of 2019 and fans think it's finally finished, as she's also been spotted filming a music video for it in LA, with paparazzi reportedly 'leaking' a snippet of it before it was swiftly removed.

She let fans know back in June the album would be coming 'sooner than they think' and has been open about how falling in love inspired her new material, telling Variety "I fell in love and just opened up. Everything was written in present moment."

We know the entire world will be holding their breath for the brand new couple to step out and perform together, so we really hope the moment happens- but considering Camila's new Shawn inspired material, we also wouldn't say no to a new track from her either!

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