Camila Cabello Says Shawn Mendes ‘Feels Like Home’

9 October 2019, 15:31

Shawn and Camila are in love.
Shawn and Camila are in love. Picture: instagram

Camila Cabello says Shawn Mendes ‘feels like home’ to her.

Camila Cabello is in love with Shawn Mendes and she don’t care who knows it.

The ‘Romance’ singer, who is currently busy promoting her new music, recently appeared on ITV’s Lorraine and gushed that she’s ‘so happy’.

WATCH: Camila Cabello Confesses Her Happiness And Love For Shawn Mendes

Opening up, she said: "I'm so happy. I've known him for such a long time and I don't know, he just feels like home to me. Yeah, I'm really happy."

Camila and Shawn have been close friends ever since they teamed up on the hit song 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' in 2015.

Opening up about why they didn’t get together back then, Camila said: "I literally did not have time to fall in love before the age of 20, because I was just working all the time.

“Everything from my first album was drawn from my imagination. I was single for like 20 years.”

True love conquers all, people!

However, jumping into a full blown relationship with a friend isn’t always easy, and Camila recently admitted in another interview that she finds their relationship ‘scary’ because there’s ‘more to lose’.

She said: "It’s almost more scary because you have more to lose. When you first start dating a person and you know nothing about them, there’s less at risk there. I think when you fall in love with somebody you’ve known for a long time, there’s more at stake."

Camila isn’t the only one spilling the beans on the high profile romance. Shawn has also been gushing about the ‘Havana’ star during his fan Q&As.

During his most recent one, he opened up about what a typical date night looks like for the pair, saying: "Camila and I will basically wake up and find the nearest coffee we can find. She’ll have, basically, half a coffee and I'll have, like, three. We're always in different countries and cities when we hang out with each other.

"Probably find some food, then an hour later we’d be like, ‘Are you hungry?’ and we'll eat again.

“Probably watch a movie, Tangled. She loves Tangled."

These two are too much!

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