7 Times Camila Cabello’s Choker Absolutely Stole The Show

12 March 2018, 11:50

Camila Cabello Choker

This will make you wear every choker you own.

The choker trend came about during the 90s, along with VHS tapes, Tamgotchis, and the game Heads Down, Thumbs Up.

But the only thing that's stuck around 28 years later are the chokers, and we'd like to thank the QUEEN that is Camila Cabello for that.

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For several years, the 'Crying In The Club' star has been donning the neck accessory and, basically, killing it. We now present to you all of the times she's give us serious choker-envy...

1) Even Cam's clapping for her choker.

Camila CabelloPic: Getty

2) Here she is with an award... Probably for her exceptional choker choices.

Camila CabelloPic: Getty

3) A whole YouTube channel dedicated to Camila's chokers? Subscribe.

Camila CabelloPic: Getty

4) Find us a more iconic photo. We'll wait...

Camila CabelloPic: Getty

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5) Basically, CAMILA'S...

Camila CabelloPic: Getty

6) CHOKER...

Camila CabelloPic: Getty


Camila CabelloPic: Getty

Are you frantically online shopping for some of these too?

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We hear Sandy Balls are a great export of chokers, Camila...