Anne-Marie Claps Back At Troll Who Says She's "Talentless" In The Best Way

10 January 2019, 11:50

Anne-Marie responded to an online troll who referred to her as "talentless".
Anne-Marie responded to an online troll who referred to her as "talentless". Picture: Getty

Anne-Marie retaliated against a troll on Twitter, after they called her "talentless" in response to her cover of 'Rewrite The Stars' with James Arthur.

Anne-Marie shared an internet troll's scathing comments about her on Twitter, to her 448k followers, after she was called "talentless".

The '2002' singer - who is known for interacting with her fans on Twitter - responded by turning the troll's comment into a joke.

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After Jacob said "Anne-Marie is talentless", she shared his comments quipping "ACTUALLY I think you’ll find I’m REALLY good at cooking peanut butter on toast."

Anne-Marie's ninjas were quick to praise her for turning his nasty comments into a joke, saying "HAHAHAHA QUEEN", while another said "You handled that perfectly! Proof you're more than talented love you."

The 27-year-old has had to call out fake fans, previously, including ones who were selling fake merch outside the venues of her shows.

All we know is that we wanna discuss how talented you are, Anne-Marie. Preferably over a slice of peanut butter on toast. Just sayin'.

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