After Tweeting She Felt Low, Anne-Marie's Fans Came Together To Send Her Hundreds Of Messages Of Love

19 June 2018, 14:09

Anne-Marie We Love AM Tweet

When Anne-Marie was feeling a little blue, she could count on her Ninjas to send her all of the love and support Twitter could handle...

Every time we've seen Anne-Marie, she's been a squealing, giggling ball of LOLs. Like, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. But she is human after all, and she took to Twitter to tell her 391k followers that she was feeling a little sad.

The 'Alarm' hit maker wrote "Some days I just feel f***in low [sic]", and her loyal fans took it upon themselves to cheer her up.

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Using the hashtag "#WeLoveAMBecause", many of her fans sent lengthy messages detailing why she was their favourite singer (and person) in the whole world.

From her incredible way she interacts with all of her fans - both online and face-to-face - to the way she doesn't really care how she looks; she's just game for a laugh, Anne-Marie was inundated with love.

We'd start writing why we love Anne-Marie, but we don't have time to write every single reason. We'll just let this picture do the talking for us...

Anne-Marie Roman Kemp Summertime Ball 2018

Anne-Marie did the one thing we've always wanted to do. *sighs*

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