9 Of The Goofiest Anne-Marie Faces That Sum Up Every Ninja's Excitement For Her Debut Album

26 April 2018, 08:59 | Updated: 26 April 2018, 09:22

Anne-Marie Facial Expressions Album

We're sorry, Anne-Marie, but this just kinda had to be done, didn't it?

We've been waiting a LONG time for this moment - ever since Anne-Marie announced her debut album from her bog, we've been counting down the seconds.

Now, at time of writing, we're just a day away from hearing the likes of 'Bad Girlfriend', 'Machine' and 'Trigger' on her album 'Speak Your Mind'.

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We could have left that at that, couldn't we? But we won't. We've compiled so many of Anne-Marie's iconic facial expressions from her visit with us to sum up every single fan's hype for her upcoming album.

You're welcome...

1. When you click 'Pre-order' on 'Speak Your Mind'...

Anne-Marie with Capital FM

2. And the payment actually goes through, even though you're broke...

Anne-Marie On Capital FM

3. But you don't get it right away, so have to wait...

Anne-Marie with Capital FM

4. Like, you actually have to wait a while. You're not listening to Anne-Marie rn...

Anne-Marie BRITs 2018

5. Who are we kidding? The hype of knowing you're gonna hear it soon is too much...

Anne-Marie #CapitalJBB 2017


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6. Like, in just a few hours, you're going to get to hear 'Can I Get Your Number' on repeat...

Anne-Marie with Capital FM

7. And 'Breathing Fire' over and over and over again...

Anne-Marie with Capital FM

8. But then someone reminds you that you can't hear them right now...

Anne-Marie with Capital FM


Anne-Marie with Capital FM

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We hope we're still friends after this, Anne-Marie. And to remind you of our friendship, here's your performance of the 'Friends' theme-tune...

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