13 Reasons Why Season 2: What We Know So Far Incl. Release Date, Cast & Spoilers

30 June 2017, 14:20

13 Reasons Why

Speculation is rife that we're getting another season.

ICYMI, 13 Reasons Why has basically taken over the world. 

So, realistically, it’s no surprise that Netflix are in early talks to conjure up a second season. 

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However, we have a feeling that some fans won’t be happy if it does return to the small screen due to its powerful topics. Others, on the other hand, begged for a second season after the final episode left viewers with a lot of questions. 

According to reports, the writers are back in the writing room on the show’s second season and scripting “started up weeks ago”. 

Release Date. 

The first season was only released on 31st March 2017, so we suspect that it will be a while yet. 


Whilst Hannah’s story may well be over and season one goes right up to the end of the original book written by Jay Asher, there are several unanswered questions to plot lines that directors of the Netflix adaptation created. 

Among them is what happens during Hannah’s parents lawsuit, the fate of Alex and what the F Tyler ends up doing with all THAT stuff. 


Kate Walsh who played Hannah Baker’s Mum in 13 Reasons Why has now spoken out about what we can expect in the second season, and has even offered some clues for the next season. 

"We'll see more and more of the mystery getting revealed, and I think you see Mrs Baker still questing for the answers of what happened to her daughter. We've already started shooting, so I know where it's going.”, she revealed.


Not only that, but Dylan Minnette who played Clay has revealed his hopes for his character. “I’d love to see Clay escape his demons from season one. I’d like to see him in a healthier place. The show takes place a few months after season one. I’m curious to know how Clay has coped the last few months. Did he find closure? Is he moving on? Part of me wonders if he’ll be able to escape his anxiety, but I doubt it because that would make for compelling storytelling if he still has anxiety”, he commented.

13 Reasons Why

We guess we’re just going to have to wait and see.

The Narrator

We’re not sure how we feel about this new development in season 2 announcements because... Hannah won’t be narrating the new season.  

Now, it makes sense and all but we’re just so used to following Hannah’s story that it will be a shock to have someone else guide us through the new plot. 

Brian Yorkey revealed that “there’s a voiceover in every episode, but the voiceover is no longer Hannah. The voiceover and the stories that are being told bring us into the past and back to the present much in the way that Hannah’s voiceover did in season one. So there will still be that waving of time frames and seeing them unfold and how they impact each other as they go”. 

13 Reasons Why

We’re not sure whether we will consistently have the same narrator or whether Hannah’s classmates will take an episode each, but it’s definitely going to create a different vibe for season two!


Katherine Langford - Hannah Baker

Since Hannah’s story is over, we’d be interested to see how they’d incorporate the character back into the narrative. That said, with so many questions still left to answer, she may appear in some of Clay’s repeated hallucinations or as flashbacks. This is all speculative, of course, but we’d love to see Australian actress Katherine Langford reprise the role. 

Brandon Larracuente - Jeff Atkins

Not sure about you, but we’re still not quite over the shocking death of Jeff Atkins’ in the TV series. He didn’t appear in the original book by Jay Asher but quickly became a fan favourite thanks to him actually being a nice guy in a school full of horrible kids. 

Brandon Larracuente, the guy who played Jeff, has revealed that he’d love the character to return in the second series (which is still TBC). He commented that, “considering, the entire first season, Jeff was shown entirely in flashbacks, that could be a possibility. I don’t see why not?! Fans would love that. I would love, if we do get picked up for a second season, to have that opportunity. We’re all waiting for the news for a no or go. I know I, more than anybody, would be so excited to join everybody in the family again”. 

13 Reasons Why

Dylan Minnette - Clay

However, whilst Clay has been confirmed to return for season two, he seems that the actor who plays him, Dylan Minnette wants to see LESS Clay in the upcoming season. Talking about the cast’s chemistry and relationships he revealed that “Everyone really loves each other and it really is a family now at this point. I want to see other people do more on the show. I want to see more stories from the other characters. Clay can take a seat on the sidelines”.  

NOOO. We want more Clay.

Ross Butler - Zach

Ross Butler (Zach) also appeared in hit TV show ‘Riverdale’ and was recently confirmed to NOT be returning due to other commitments, thus, leading fans to suspect that these ‘other commitments’ is indeed another season of 13 Reasons Why. He played quite the pivotal role in the supporting cast so we’d be surprised if he didn’t come back! 

Ross Butler 13 Reasons Why

The fate of Alex is left unanswered, Tyler sets out with a bit of a mission, Justin is left alone, Jess begins to tell her Dad the truth and Bryce’s truth is revealed… but what will happen to him? There’s a lot of questions after the final episode so we hope the supporting cast return. 


Nothing yet but watch this space.

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