Everybody's Talking About Jamie's Max Harwood: 'What was it like seeing Richard E. Grant in drag? Terrifying' | PopBuzz Meets

20 September 2021, 16:01

Everybody's Talking About Jamie: Max Harwood: 'What was it like seeing Richard E. Grant in drag? Terrifying'

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

"Like Margaret Thatcher cosplay really"

After the absolute shit show of the last 18 months, I for one think we could do with a pick me up. Something positive to inject some optimism and hope into our miserable little existence. And the colourful, feel good film adaption of the stage musical Everybody's Talking About Jamie might be just the thing we all need.

After being delayed for a year, Everybody's Talking About Jamie is finally available to watch on Amazon Prime. The story follows Jamie, a 16-year-old kid from Sheffield who wants to attend prom in drag, although his school have different ideas. Based on the real life story of Jamie Campbell, the film is about as uplifting, camp and fabulous as you can imagine.

The film also stars acting royalty Richard E. Grant. Richard plays Hugo Battersby, a former drag queen called Loco Chanelle, who helps Jamie realise his dreams of becoming a drag queen. Grant looks like he is having the time of his life in the role, so when we chatted with Max Harwood, who plays Jamie in the film, we had to ask what it was like meeting Grant as Loco Chanelle for the first time.

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Speaking to PopBuzz presenter Yshee Black, Max said Grant was "terrifying" at first and compared his look to former UK Prime Minster Margaret Thatcher.

"Terrifying. Like Margaret Thatcher cosplay really. Don't you think? The wig...very Margaret Thatcher, I thought. That was terrifying and gorgeous"

Max added: "He really, really went in with his prep and really loved it. I had the best time working with him and he was someone who stepped fully into drag. He was walking around giving the crew eyes and all sorts. He was really feeling the fantasy."

According to Max, the drag queens on set - Son Of A Tutu, Anna Phylactic and Myra DuBois - helped Max and Grant with their drag personas.

"We were looked after by some amazing queens", he said. "They were hilarious and funny, and gave us so many tips and tricks."

Watch the full interview with Max Harwood at the top of this page and then check out our chat with Lauren Patel (above) who plays Jamie's best friend Pritti Pasha, who reveals how her father got on when he came to film his cameo in the film with Lauren.

And last but not least, we talk to the OG Jamie, the one and only Jamie Campbell, who shared his thoughts on where the Jamie Universe will go next.

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Everybody's Talking About Jamie is out now on Amazon Prime Video.