Sean Paul Reveals He Bid For His Own Sweaty Towel On eBay & More During Our Hilarious Chat Backstage At Wireless Festival

8 July 2017, 16:57 | Updated: 8 July 2017, 16:59

We now know ALL the answers to our towel based questions!

When you're at a music festival and you see Sean Paul's name on the line up, you know it's gonna be something special and that's exactly what happened at Wireless Festival this year.

The 'No Lie' performer was in London to put on an incredible show for 20,000 screaming fans and he absolutely smashed it in the searing summer sunshine!

> We're Convinced Sean Paul's Bae Is Actually His Towel & Here's All The Evidence To Prove It

Of course, Sean couldn't venture to London without catching up with Capital and he sat down for a chinwag with Roman Kemp to not only talk all things Wireless, but also reveal his secrets behind his beloved towel.

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Sean has become known for his on-stage towel antics and can regularly be seen waving his towel around his head and even throwing it out to the crowd as a little keepsake.

Speaking to Roman, Sean revealed, "It cools me off...the helicopter effect. It gets my body temperature a little bit more cool cos I'm steaming up there. I wipe the sweat off and throw it away in the crowd and I've seen it on eBay."

"I tried to get the bid up for the towel cos I wan't back my sweat (sic), but it's just a part of the show we've started to do. We used to wet people up with champagne bottles, a lot of people were like 'ahh you're stinging my eye', so we stopped doing that and now we're throwing towels".

Check out Roman's full chat with Sean Paul backstage from Wireless Festival right here...