Mabel Shared This Cute Picture With Not3s And Now Fans Are Shipping Them

15 February 2018, 15:47

Mabel and Not3s

"Quit playing and get together already smh."

Let’s be honest, Mabel and Not3s are two people that everyone (literally everyone) wants to get together at some point because they are way too cute together.

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Not only do the pair give us amazing music together (like have you heard 'Fine Line' and 'My Lover'?!),  their chemistry is just insane both on and off camera.

Like seriously, they’re too cute.

Sharing yet another picture of them together, Mabel tweeted a snap of her getting a piggy back from Not3s and the pureness of the pic didn’t go unnoticed by fans. 

Just like us, their fans are totally shipping them. One person tweeted: "This is so f****** cute" while another wrote: "Quit playing and get together already smh." 

And of course when we sat down with Not3s we had to ask him for the truth on if there was anything going on between the two of them and he didn't confirm or deny anything.

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Talking about their relationship, Not3s coyly stated: "Great music happening, just great music literally. We're bredrins as well, we're proper cool. Who knows - timing, life, God. But big up Mabel every single time."



Having all the fun with @not3sofficial STAY WOKE

A post shared by M a b e l (@mabelmcvey) onFeb 4, 2018 at 4:09am PST

Regardless of whether or not these two legends in the making are a couple, at least we've got some sick music to look forward to as the pair are dropping a joint EP called 'Nobel' sometime soon.

Does anyone else think that Nobel would make the best ship name? 

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