James Arthur Forced To Defend Himself After 1D Fans Call Him Out For "Mean Tweet"

24 August 2018, 10:52

James Arthur Defends Himself After Receiving Criticism On Twitter
James Arthur Defends Himself After Receiving Criticism On Twitter. Picture: Getty

James Arthur has had to take to Twitter to defend his words, after some fans have called him out for hating on One Direction.

Recently, James Arthur has been responding to fan questions on Twitter - including whether or not he'll sing the titular song for the next James Bond movie - but his recent outing on social media hasn't been as positive.

After writing "If you say “oi oii” we cant be friends," James was scrutinised by some Directioners for calling out the boyband.

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Some fans of One Direction said that James was indirectly shading the 'What Makes You Beautiful' singers, after they resurfaced messages from the likes of Harry Styles, saying "Oioiiii. Tour starts tomorrow night and I can't wait to see you."

One of James' followers then stated that his post probably had nothing to do with the 1D lads, and that it might have just been a funny comment, to which James confirmed that.

"I have no issues with anyone in 1D my issue was with a saying that bugs me a bit and I made a joke," said the 'Impossible' winner of The X Factor.

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Let's just clarify - James Arthur doesn't have a problem with One Direction