WATCH: Liam Paynes Gushes About How Much Of A "Sexy Boy" Harry Styles Is...

5 April 2019, 07:42

Liam Payne congratulated Harry Styles on being crowned #CapitalSexiest, but just couldn't work out which aspect of him was actually the hottest...

Liam Payne spent six years of his life with One Direction. That's six years of looking at Harry Styles every day, so if there's one person who knows what he looks like, it's him.

After you all crowned Harry Styles as #CapitalSexiest, this year, Will Manning and Aimee Vivian broke the news to him.

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"He is quite the sexy boy," said the 'First Time' singer, and said that he wasn't bitter about coming sixth, with 26.7k votes.

He started to question as to what aspect of Harry Styles' appearance was actually the sexiest - from his eyes, to his cheekbones. And now we will forever be plagued with that question, and we'll never know the answer.

Liam's Mum also called up to discuss his first times, from first kisses to first girlfriends, and we'd like to make a formal apology for embarrassing you like this. At least we didn't film it all. Just like, erm, the video below...

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