James Arthur Tried To Play An April Fools' Prank, Only For It To Backfire Big Time

1 April 2018, 17:47

James Arthur April Fools Prank Asset

At least you know not to make this mistake next year, James...

Everyone knows that anything you read online on 1 April should be taken with a pinch of salt. From fake pregnancies to people announcing whole new career changes, know that it's April Fools' Day.

So when James Arthur shared a message on Twitter to his 2.34million followers, we were all quick to see through it. Much to his disliking.

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Writing "Special announcement: I will be a judge on the new series of XFactor", James teased his fans, but there was one small problem.

Not only is this seemingly a lie, but it also happened after 12PM, which James' fans were quick to inform him means he's going to suffer a lot of bad luck.

We're sorry, not sorry to see this, James...

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Enjoy watching James Arthur sing Ed Sheeran and Little Mix. You're welcome...