James Arthur Responds To “Crushed” Nine Year Old Fan Banned From Live Shows

26 July 2018, 11:46

James Arthur Supports "Crushed" Fan After Mum Slam

James Arthur shared a very honest response to a mum whose daughter was banned from his live shows.

Having released hit after hit over the last few years, James Arthur's built up a fiercely loyal fan base, however due to differing age restrictions across the varying venues he performs at, some fans aren't able to attend certain shows.

One of those fans is nine year old Faith, who has been a member of the Jarmy since the early days. Faith was hoping to attend one of James Arthur's upcoming live shows but age restrioctions meant that she wasn't allowed into the venue.

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Faith's mum Jennifer embarked on a campaign to try and reach James in order to question why some fans were being blocked from attending , sharing several posts across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In one post on Facebook, Faith's aunt Krissi wrote, 'This is my 9yr old niece who has followed @jamesarthurinsta23 from day 1, she has now been told she can't go as they have changed the age limit.'

Krissi went on to add, 'She is absolutely crushed that he wants to leave music as it is and now this. It truly breaks my heart seeing her like this please can everyone help and let's try and get this to James'.

Luckily for Faith, James saw some of the messages and responded, making a big promise to try and get her into his show.

Taking to Twitter to respond to Faith's mum, James wrote, 'Hi Jennifer, sorry to see this!! Let me look into this and get back to you, maybe it’s because of my appalling language but I’m sure I can clean it up for a gig x'.

Following James' response, Faith sent a video message to the 'You Deserve Better' star thanking him for trying to see what he can do for her!

Now all we need is a message taking back those retirement claims James and then we'll be completely happy!

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