Harry Styles Fans Devastated After £5 Candle That 'Smells Like Him’ Sells Out Everywhere

11 May 2020, 14:08

The cashmere vanilla candle that 'smells like' Harry Styles was sold in the US
The cashmere vanilla candle that 'smells like' Harry Styles was sold in the US. Picture: PA/Target

According to Harry Styles’ fans, there’s a cashmere vanilla candle which smells just like the One Direction star and they were sent into meltdown after it sold out everywhere.

Harry Styles' fans are amongst the most dedicated in the world and have proven it yet again after a candle, that allegedly smells like the ‘Adore You’ singer, has sold out.

US store Target is the only known stocker of the $6.99 (£5) cashmere vanilla candle, which reminds fans of the One Direction star’s scent, and now shelves are fully wiped.

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Not only that, but they’re no longer available online either, according to TMZ.

Admirers of the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ hitmaker know that he famously wears Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanilla fragrance and it didn’t take long for them to draw comparisons to the candle.

Niall Horan denies One Direction reunion rumours

We don’t blame them for rushing to purchase it either - after all, a 50ml bottle of the cologne costs £195, so at least the candle is affordable!

For those looking to get a whiff of the ‘Falling’ star, the website states that there’s no current timetable as to when it will return.

However, Threshold, who are Target’s Home Decor brand, are reportedly working to produce more of the Haz-scented candle, so fingers crossed they’ll make a comeback soon!

Fans are after some hopeful news after Harry’s former bandmate Niall Horan shut down rumours of a One Direction reunion, which was thought to be in the works to celebrate 10 years since they formed on the X Factor.

The Harry Styles-smelling cashmere vanilla candle was for sale in Target
The Harry Styles-smelling cashmere vanilla candle was for sale in Target. Picture: Target

Despite Liam Payne teasing that we should expect some sort of get-together from the ‘History’ singers, the ‘Heartbreak Weather’ star took to Instagram live to set things straight.

He said: "I get asked this quite a lot.

"No. Obviously, there's a lot of talk about it at the moment, because the ten year anniversary of the band getting together is happening this year, but there's no reunion, as such. We've just been talking a bit more, recently.”

However, let it be clear that no one is giving up hope to see the boys back together, especially us!

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