This Childhood Harry Styles Twitter Thread Will Melt Your Heart

30 April 2020, 15:10 | Updated: 30 April 2020, 15:14

Harry Styles as a child will improve your mood 100%
Harry Styles as a child will improve your mood 100%. Picture: Getty Images/ Instagram @annetwist

What's even cuter than photos of Harry Styles performing, smiling walking or just existing? Photos of Harry Styles as a child, of course.

Harry Styles is one of the most universally accepted handsome people on planet earth, as we all know, but how often have we seen what the 'Adore You' singer looked like as a child?

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Thankfully, all our prayers have been answered, as one fan has compiled what can only be described as the cutest thread of throwback snaps to both Harry, and former One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson's childhoods, and it's making us all emotional how far they have come!

From posing in his mum's bra, to grinning down the camera with his trademark grin, even all those years ago, Mr. Styles has always been unmistakably himself, even whilst growing up in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire!

The first thing we'd like to note about child Harry, is that he looks literally exactly the same as he does in adulthood, just way smaller, with the same grin and strong hair game, as if his hair could ever look anything but pure fire.

The side-by-side snaps of Harry beside his former bandmate, Louis, has got us seriously nostalgic, as well as us wishing they could have been childhood friends.

Now, it may be some years until we get to see what a mini Harry Styles would look like, with only him and Niall left to have children, but thanks to this thread, we have a slightly better idea of what his little 'un might look like!

1D's Zayn broke the internet when news surfaced he and Gigi Hadid are expecting their first child, which will definitely keep everyone occupied on the baby front, for now!

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