This Thread Of Harry Styles Cuddling Babies Will Make Your Entire Week

22 April 2020, 15:43 | Updated: 22 April 2020, 15:46

Harry Styles is known for being a natural with kids and babies
Harry Styles is known for being a natural with kids and babies. Picture: Getty

What more could you want from a Twitter thread than Harry Styles holding babies?

After a Twitter thread of Harry Styles being cute to his fans went viral earlier this week, Directioners have unearthed a series of photos to rival the heart-melting moments; Harry holding babies and kids.

Starting with a photo of Harry as a youngster himself, the fan then shared hordes of snaps of the ‘Falling’ singer holding babies and toddlers.

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While many are from meet and greets with fans taken back in the One Direction days, some are of the pop star cuddling his friends’ little ones.

One photo is even from his outing with ex Taylor Swift, where the former couple were pictured in Central Park with their pals’ daughter.

Another cute snap shows the singer cuddling a tot wearing headphones backstage, clearly taken during a 1D concert.

The thread goes into snaps of Harry being held – and they’re genuinely just as cute.

Fans had the best reaction to the babies thread, with one branding it: “The most important thread.”

“Let my ovaries rest, please,” commented a second.

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“He really is a natural with kids,” praised another, “Probably did some babysitting as a teen. I love to see.”

“I think I felt a kick,” one even joked.

The heart-melting thread comes after one Harry stan compiled the singer's cutest interactions with fans, with tweets proving he hugs almost everyone he meets.

A few posts showed the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ star speaking to people in sign-language, thanking deaf fans for attending his concert and even taking the time out of his show to have a conversation with people who have attended.

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