Harry Styles Has The Cutest Relationship With His Fans & This Thread Proves It

21 April 2020, 13:24

A Harry Styles fan shared the ultimate thread of the One Direction star
A Harry Styles fan shared the ultimate thread of the One Direction star. Picture: PA

Someone has made a Harry Styles Twitter thread with all the best moments the One Direction star has shared with fans and we are loving it!

Harry Styles has always been an absolute sweetheart when it comes to his fans, so it's no surprise that someone has gathered all of his cutest moments into a lengthy Twitter thread.

The post, shared by @hsftheaven, read: “Harry styles and his beautiful relationship with his fans a thread that will make you fall in love with who he really is,” and she isn’t wrong!

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The thread of the One Direction star's relationship with his fans went viral on social media, with over 10K likes.

Some clips showed the ‘Falling’ singer meeting people and rumour has it, when he hugs you, Haz never lets go first, and the videos prove it!

A few posts showed the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ star speaking to people in sign-language, thanking deaf fans for attending his concert and even taking the time out of his show to have a conversation with people who have attended.

Harry also helped a girl come out as gay to her mum, on stage, after she held up a sign that read: “I’m going to come out to my parents because of you,” before adding that he was proud of her.

One hilarious clip showed a girl throwing her phone on stage and the ‘Adore You’ singer taking it and calling her mum!

If that doesn’t already prove he’s the king of interacting with his fans, another heartfelt video showed Harry dedicating a lullaby to a 2-year-old fan, who was at his gig, and at this point, we’re convinced he is an angel.

Comments were filled with praise for the ‘Fine Line’ hitmaker, with one tweet reading: "Best tweet ever.. u made my day [sic].”

“I'm BAWLING my eyes out I love him so much,” added another.

This isn’t the first time the SNL guest host has been recognised for his kind nature with people after a post went viral when someone revealed Harry watched his dog for him while he ran some errands.

Since the pop star is known for promoting his slogan ‘treat people with kindness’, it’s evident he puts his own advice into practice and we love him for it!

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