Jingle Bell Ball: Halsey Sends Message Of Support To Ariana Grande

8 December 2018, 18:35 | Updated: 8 December 2018, 19:34

Halsey wants to put Ariana Grande trolls in the bin
Halsey wants to put Ariana Grande trolls in the bin. Picture: PA

Halsey stopped by for a chat at the 2018 Jingle Bell Ball and let us know her one wish for 2019, and we couldn't agree more!

Halsey's about to take to the Jingle Bell Ball stage and stopped off for a chat to let us know all about her love for fellow pop icon Ariana Grande, which we are obviously 1,000% there for because we stan BFF queens.

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When asked what Halsey really wants to chuck in the metaphorical bin, she replied that: "2019 is the year of everyone being really nice to Ariana Grande because she deserves it, let’s leave all that other stuff in 2018."

We've never heard of a more perfect answer to a question.


Halsey and Ari have become pretty fast friends in 2018, tweeting and defending each other from trolls and even spending their evenings playing virtual video games with each other, which is giving us seriously celebrity FOMO.

Halsey came to Ariana Grande's defence on Twitter
Halsey came to Ariana Grande's defence on Twitter. Picture: Twitter

We can only hope that as well as binning trolls in 2019, these two finally link up and make some pop magic together, who's with us?!

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