WATCH: Craig David & Yungen Team Up On New Song 'Intimate'

11 July 2018, 11:35 | Updated: 11 July 2018, 11:37

The pair had been rumoured to have worked togther, but now Craig David and Yungen have officially revealed their joint song 'Intimate'.

Yungen has made no secret of his admiration for Craig David in the past. As with pretty much every twenty-something in the UK, he was brought up on Craig's music and now he's been lucky enough to work with the legend himself!

Whilst there had been rumours that these two might have worked on music together, we didn't have any concrete info, until the pair took to the stage at Craig David's Ibiza Rocks TS5 pool party recently.

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Owning the stage, the pair gave fans the first glimpse at their song 'Intimate' and it's fair to say that it went down pretty well with everyone in attendance.

Yungen was on cloud nine after performing the tune, tweeting, 'Today I got to perform my unreleased banger “Intimate” for the first time which features one of my idols & I got to perform it with him which was unreal! thank you for such a sick sick show!'

Craig was also buzzing, replying, 'Bro! It was amazing having you up there with me bro!  You smashed your set and then smashed differently such a banger'

If you haven't checked out the little preview above, get on it now - we can't wait until this one gets an official release!

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