WATCH: Craig David Spills The Beans On Whether Or Not Idris Elba Will Play Bond

26 August 2018, 20:11

Craig David recently shared a video of Idris Elba captioned "Shaken, not stirred", so the star had some explaining to do...

Before his stellar performance at SW4, Craig David needed to explain a post he shared recently, especially after actors far and wide have been chatting about who will play the next Bond.

After DJing with Idris Elba, Craig shared a video of the pair, and trolled fans across the globe, by captioning it as "Shaken not stirred".

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It was, therefore, up to Jimmy Hill to probe the '7 Days' singer backstage at South West 4, and see exactly what he meant with that caption.

Craig played it pretty chill, and wouldn't give too much away, simply saying that he really rated Idris as an actor, and would love to see him play 007.

At least we know one thing from chatting to Craig - Idris smells lovely.

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