WATCH: A Camila Cabello Fan Wakes From Surgery Sobbing Because Her Idol Wasn't There

8 August 2018, 15:45

A Twitter user has shared a hilarious video of her waking up from surgery and sobbing hysterically because Camila Cabello wasn't by her side. We feel ya boo.

When Twitter user @camz_hawaiian underwent surgery, she became nothing short of hysterical when she woke up and realised she wasn't about to meet her idol, Camila Cabello and we've never related to something more in our lives.

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However, after the video went viral, the ACTUAL living, breathing superstar herself gave her a shout out, and we're probably sure she's going to need to get hooked back up onto oxygen now the 'Havana' singer told her she loves her!

Only the other day did we report to you guys about a girl waking up from having her wisdom teeth removed and having a full blown crying fit as she thought she was Kylie Jenner and her actual mum was Kris Jenner, if you haven't seen it yet, we strongly suggest you give it a watch below, it's beyond hilarious.

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