Camila Cabello Surprised Her Tour Dancers In The Most Iconic Way

9 June 2018, 10:21

Camila Cabello's tour diary reveals all the backstage fun she had, including thanking her dancers in the most amazing way - with a giant cake and a Mariachi band!

Camila Cabello's tour diary will make you pretty envious if you give it a watch, everyone from the dancers to the crew seemed to have the most fun ever bringing her 'Never Be The Same' album to fans across North America.

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To thank everyone for their work, Camila brought out an entire Mariachi band and a giant cake with their team slogan 'do the damn thang!' written on it, and everyone proceeded to break it down Mariachi style.

We are currently looking for vacancies on her dance squad and then we can all be BFFs with Camila too, right?

Picture: GIPHY

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