QUIZ: How Well Do You Know The Lyrics To 'Havana'?

27 March 2018, 14:17

'Havana' Lyrics Quiz Asset

Only Camilizers need enter...

Let's face it - if you haven't been playing Camila Cabello's 'Havana' over-and-over again, you've been doing music wrong. That's a fact.

But we want to know exactly how well you know the Official Vodafone Big Top 40 number one tune.

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All you have to do is complete nine of the lyrics from Camila's tune, 'Havana', to see how much of a fan you are. (And yes - we will be passing on these results to the girl herself, so... No pressure.)


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We bet you haven't heard Camila Cabello rap 'Havana' before, have you?!