5 Reasons We Love Camila Cabello And Taylor Swift’s Friendship

4 March 2019, 14:45

Friendships just don't get any cuter than Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello, right?
Friendships just don't get any cuter than Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello, right? Picture: Getty

Camila and Taylor are BFFs – here’s why their friendship is serious #goals.

They might be MASSIVE celebs, but behind the scenes, Taylor Swift and Camila Cabello are also serious friendship goals.

Here's why we love Taymila so darn much!

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1. Camila was once a Taylor Swift superfan, before becoming her actual BFF

Camila posted a photo of herself on stage with Taylor captioned, "what was going through my mind at this moment : I remembered when i came to school one day (I think I was in 9th grade but could be wrong) and my friend Mariana had just seen Taylor on the speak now tour and told me she touched her hand.

"And i was like when am I ever gonna be able to afford to go to a Taylor swift concert and touch her hand during speak now, and I just had a moment of 'if you would've told me then what was gonna happen I wouldn't have believed i' and I had such an intense gratitude for everything I'm experiencing right now. I love you @taylorswift and @charli_xcx".

Dreams do come true, kids!

2. Taylor took Camila on the 'Reputation' Tour with her

Because what better way to support your pals than to give them opportunities to hit the road with you, right?

Camila said on stage while supporting Taylor, "I have been a Swifty all my life, I'm not just saying that, I was just listening to 'Stay Beautiful' in my dressing room like [crying].

"I'm just speaking out loud right now, this isn't what I'm supposed to be saying during my set, I just want to say if any of you have a dream... it is possible. I was like 12 years old and really wanted to go to the 'Speak Aloud' tour and couldn't afford it, and now I'm opening for the 'Reputation' Tour."

3. They bonded over girly things and poetry

Camila revealed what the girls talked about when they first met while she was still part of Fifth Harmony.

She revealed, "I feel like we’re really similar as people. We’re both very emotional and like a lot of the same things. Even small things like poetry or the same kind of films or very girly kind of stuff.”

4. Tay calls Camila 'Baby C'

As far as nicknames go, it doesn't get cuter than that, does it?

5. They stick up for each other

Most notably, the time Camila stood up for Taylor after she was accused of convincing the star to go solo from Fifth Harmony - totes not true, by the way.

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