WATCH: Camila Cabello Proves She's A G As She Raps An EXCLUSIVE Verse From 'Havana'

24 October 2017, 07:50

And she does it all in Spanish. Just sayin'.

If 'Havana' isn't one of your all-time favourite songs, you're wrong. Because it is a certified bop.

That's why we had to invite Camila Cabello to swing by and have a chat to Roman Kemp about her brand new single.

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Camila Cabello on Capital Breakfast w/ Roman Kemp

While we knew she sung like an angel, we didn't know that she almost replaced Young Thug as the featured rapper too. No. You read that right.

According to Camila, before Young Thug made an appearance, she wrote a Spanish rap for the song, and performed it for us live in the studio... Even if she did cringe at it.

Ngl, we thought it was DOPE AS.

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And we're not the only ones you were here for it. Now if Camila could release an Eminem-inspired album, that'd be great...

When Cam's not spitting pure fire, she's singing Justin Bieber classics like the total bae she is...