Camila Cabello's Empowering Message About Her Sister Is So Important

6 September 2018, 11:23

Camila Cabello Shares Empowering Message About Unrelaistic Beauty Expectations
Camila Cabello Shares Empowering Message About Unrelaistic Beauty Expectations. Picture: Instagram

Camila Cabello's used her sister as an example to try and end unrealistic beauty expectations on women.

Having a huge platofmr to be able to make a positive change in people's lives is something Camila Cabello uses so well and she's proven it once again with an empowering message about unrealistic beauty expectations on social media.

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Camila used her younger sister as the perfect example of the unrestrictive freedom she thinks women should have and also posted some funny pictures of herself

Taking to Instagram, Camila wrote, 'i love when i see my little sister come home from school with dirt all over her knees, her hair in knots, her cheeks red and her forehead sweaty from playing'.

She went on to add, 'on social media we see unrealistic standards for beauty everyday, and it seems like on this site how you look is the most important thing in the world, selfies and likes and followers and likes and comments about how pretty everyone is'.

Lookng out for her younger followers on social media, Camila then added, 'i can imagine how much pressure that puts on young girls especially to look a certain way and have it all together because of unrealistic standard - it’s so overrated to sit with someone who’s beautiful but is no fun because they never had to develop other parts of their personality'.

Continuing her empowering message, Camila wrote, 'beauty isn’t everything, and it really isn’t the most important- whether you’re 11, 21, or 51, let’s frickin come home with dirt on our knees, our hair in knots, our cheeks red, and our foreheads sweaty from playing'.

Camila's 24.1 million followers jumped straight into the comments and praised the 'Havana' star for her positive message, with one writing 'THIS IS SO IMPORTANT I LOVE U SM' whilst another added, 'Omg you're really a role model'.

Preach Camila! Preach!

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