Camila Cabello Blames Video Of Her Shouting And Swearing On A "Wedgie"...

18 July 2018, 08:07

After a video of her seemingly swearing backstage surfaced, Camila Cabello clarified as to what angered her so much... A wedgie. Obviously.

Camila Cabello took to Twitter to respond to some of her 7.09m followers' questions - from her upcoming make-up range, to her interaction with her fans.

One of Camila's loyal fans, however, shared a video of Camila Cabello backstage at one of her shows, looking seemingly angry and possibly swearing.

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Posting the video, she wrote "Why is she so mad djskd", to which the 'Havana' singer shared it, saying "wedgie I couldn’t pick maybe????? id [sic]"

Well, that was certainly unexpected. To be fair, we'd drink our water as aggressively as she did if we had a wedgie, too.

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