Anne-Marie's Revealed The Secret Global Awards Meal Stormzy Managed To Sneak In

2 March 2018, 15:18

Yungen shared his shock at Stormzy's 'under the table' feast too!

After the epic night that was the first ever Global Awards, we knew there were going to be some brilliant stories to emrge from the incredible awards show and Anne-Marie certainly had one for us.

Speaking to Roman Kemp, Anne-Marie revealed that she had a secret bit of info about exactly what Stormzy ate at the awards show and it wasn't what everyone else had!

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Revealing all the deets, Anne-Marie confessed, "He got there a little bit late, so we'd all eaten already and he was like 'where's the food?' and I was like 'we're done' and he was like 'ahhh God I'm starving'."

Stormzy At The Global Awards
(Picture: PA)

She added, "Next minute someone brings over McDonalds and just whacks it on the table and he puts it underneath the table and eats it under the table."

Stormzy couldn't believe that Anne-Marie had grassed him up and he took to Twitter to call her out about the whole thing...

But it didn't end there because 'Bestie' star Yungen then got involved and revealed his shock that Stormzy was seemingly going against his health is welath mantra...

We'll make sure we've got some chicken nuggets on standby for you next year Stormzy!

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Whilst you're here, check out what Stormzy had to say about winning his very first ever Global Award...

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