WATCH: Anne-Marie Recreated Her Favourite Gemma Collins Meme & It Is Hilarious

3 September 2017, 20:42

Fusion Festival 2017

“It’s Gemma, you…”

Pretty much the whole world has been obsessed with Gemma Collins memes of late, and Anne-Marie is no exception… so what better than to get her to recreate her favourite Gemma Collins meme for us at Fusion Festival, eh?

AAA Pass At The Ready? We're Taking You Backstage At Fusion Festival 2017!

Chatting to Rob Howard backstage, Anne-Marie took on the challenge and delivered her best, sweariest Gemma Collins impression (with a cheeky bit of censoring from Rob) and it has literally made our life.

Anne-Marie, we’re going to need you to do a version of every Gemma Collins meme after this – too funny! 

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