Anne-Marie's Grandad Regularly Proves He's Her Biggest Fan With These Amazing Tweets

14 May 2018, 16:56

Anne-Marie & Her Grandad Jim

Thought you were a big Anne-Marie fan? Turns out you don't love her as much as #TheOldNinja!

When it comes to your family, they can be super supportive and essentially be your biggest supporters. For many of us, however, they can be embarrassing AF and make us wish they never knew social media existed.

Thankfully for Anne-Marie, her Grandad is part of the first group and is legit her number one fan - bar none.

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He goes by the name of James R Thompson, although true Anne-Marie fans will know him as Jim! When it comes to supporting the '2002' star, Jim is most vocal on Twitter and has posted some golden tweets over the years.

Given the fact that Anne-Marie's fans are know as Ninjas, it seems fitting that Jim has been dubbed #theoldninja - a title he regularly includes in his tweets, just incase we forget that he is in fact Anne-Marie's Grandad!

Like all Anne-Marie fans, Jim tweets about getting tickets to her shows, watching her on TV, listening to her songs and even hammers hashtags to try and help her win BRIT Awards too!

Check out some of these classics Jim's posted over the last 12 months...

Jim even hilariously claimed Anne-Marie was the reason for his baldness after her sister Sam told us this incredible story about the pair's childhood...

So if you're out there claiming to be Anne-Marie's number one fan, think again, because Jim has got that position locked down.

Never change Jim.

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