These Heartwarming Fan Tributes Reduced Anne-Marie To Tears Live On Stage

4 May 2018, 11:42 | Updated: 4 May 2018, 12:50

Moments like this between artists and their fans are so special and Anne-Marie clearly has some amazing fans!

As an artist, performing your new music at live shows must be quite nerve-wracking. How will it go down? Will fans like it? Will people actually sing along?

Well for Anne-Marie, all her worries were put aside on her recent tour when fans surprised her with one of the most beautiful and uplifting tributes we've ever seen.

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Explaining exactly what happened, Anne-Marie told us, "There was a few moments where the fans had actually planned this whole thing all together. So they'd printed out sheets of A4 paper with a word on there that they feel I am and during 'Perfect' they've held the pieces of paper up and it says 'Proud', 'Heartwarming', 'Role Model' and all of these words."

If you thought that was heartwarming, wait until you hear how fans unveiled thier surprise for the 'Ciao Adios' star!

"I have my eyes closed at the start of the song and the first time they did it I opened my eyes and there was all these words in the crowd," Anne-Marie explained.

"To be honest, I don't think that of myself, so when I opened my eyes and saw all these words I just started crying and I've never cried on stage before - I couldn't stop crying, so I had to try and bring myself back around."


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The whole thing sounds super overwhelming, but is nothing less than what Anne-Marie deserves. She's always there for her fans and they've always got here back - so beautiful to see.

Turns out that AM wasn't expecting anything like that to ever happen to her either."That whole thing is just so crazy to me," she revealed.

"I didn't think that stuff happened any more - actual genuine things that people have tried to make happen and printing off all these words and making everyone in the audience hold them up. There's been moments where there's been balloons on stage and someone threw a bra on stage. They're very special fans of min i think. They're amazing and I couldn't have asked for anyone better really as a fan base."

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