Kam's Wedding Speech

If you did something unusual or funny at your wedding and you have a video that you want to put on our page, send us the youtube link or video clip and we can put it up here. Kam needs inspiration for his grooms speech, but any other ideas would be much appreciated.

Every Weddingsday..(sorry) we will be adding an extra line to Kams Speech and you get to choose them. Get in touch and let us know yours. The speech so far....


'Fornication, cough cough. Sorry for an occasion like this....' (Amie)

'I'd just like to start by saying how sarah is the luckiest girl in the world!' (Owayne)

'Its been an emotional day, even the cake is in tiers!' (John)

'I can now tell her that anyone marrying me can look forward to 3 rings. She has the engagement ring, she has the wedding ring and now she can look forward to the suffering' (Steve) 

'I know that all you single girls will be disappointed that i'm now off the market, so i've arranged for a special help line where you can talk to a trained counsellor' (Rich)

'Now some say life is like a box of chocolates and if this is true, it looks like Sarah got the fabeld green triangle' (Rhys)

'I thought i would send this again as it was late last week. After that speech i hope the wedding night is still like a coffee table? Four legs and no drawers' (Lloyd)

'When it comes to the honeymoon I’ve booked her somewhere where she’s never ever been before, so ive booked her 2 weeks in the kitchen' (Neil)

'In all fairness on this special day to be surrounded by the people I love and care about most in the world - (pause for effect) would've been nice but they couldn't make it' (Paul)

"To conclude may I just ask you all to raise your glasses to my wonderful wife Emma...oooh sorry sorry I mean Sarah!" (Sian)

Wedding Speech

Kam & Sarah's Docuwedding

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Here's some funny & stupid wedding videos...

Fornication, cough cough. Sorry for an occasion like this.... (Amie)

I'd just like to start by saying how sarah is the luckiest girl in the world! (Owayne)

Its been an emotional day, even the cake is in tiers!" (John) 

Daron & Sarah Probert from Cardiff choreographed dance. Daron seems a little too good!!



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Steve's Dance

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