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Tinder. Deliveroo. Netflix. Date Night sorted


Soon to be your most used and abused app! Want food but the takeaway is like 10minutes walk away, worry not! Order from the couch and get most local takeaways and restautants delivered to your door - Dibs not getting up to get the door before any of your flat mates.


Similar to Tinder in many ways... you gotta catch ‘ em all! This will help you trail blaze your way around Liverpool, you’ll never need Google Maps again after hunting down the best Pokémon in town!



Why did you decide to become a full-time student? Hmmm… student discount obv! Find all the cracking deals on Uni days.  Apple, Misguided, PureGym and Hollister discount is on frequently! BYE STUDENT LOAN.


Meet a fit lad or bird to spend all of your free time with between boozing and lectures. Liverpool has all the fitties you could dream of!! Careful though, with only one super like to use a day…choose wisely! 


This is a revision time SAVIOUR! All of the bits and bobs you need to crack on with, in one place, helps any last minute work due in! GO GO GO!


Bringing you the hottest music only on capital! All the lastest gossip, trending videos and exclusive news along with 24/7 no.1 bangers! Predrinks and hangovers have a new best mate



Download the app!! Apparently they deliver food now in London! Hurry up and deliver in Liverpool! AH MAZING.


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