The Anonymous Confessional

Dan and Katy Confessional

The only opportunity for Birmingham to get their dirty secrets off it's chest...

We thought that Birmingham had given it's last confession...

The Anonymous Confessional was put to the back of the Dan & Katy cupboard, with only fond memories remaining.

But now, after you lot wouldn't stop going on about it... It's back!

Keep checking back here every day, as a new question is posed to the people of Birmingham and they reveal their darkest secrets...

Remember - don't click play if you're easily offended!

Season 7

Anonymous Confessional - S7 - What are you hiding?

Anonymous Confessional - S7 - What do you want to leave in the past?

Anonymous Confessional - S7 - What would you like to confess to a friend or family member that you dare not tell them?

Anonymous Confessional - S7 - What are you hiding?

Listen to season 6 below!

Anonymous Confessional

Anonymous Confessional season 6 - 17th Sept

Anonymous Confessional season 6 - 18th September

Anonymous Confessional season 6 -19th September

Anonymous Confessional Season 6 - 24th September

Anonymous Confessional Season 6 - 25th September

Anonymous Confessional Season 6 - 26th September

Anonymous Confessional Season 6 - 27th September 

Anonymous Confessional Season 6 - What are you hiding in your home no one knows about?

Anonymous Confessional - What was the last thing you said that you instantly regretted???

Anonymous Confessional - What embarrassing thing have you done that your parents have found out about?

Anonymous confessional - Have you ever grassed someone up? What did they do?

Anonymous confessional - What big event have you ruined? What did you do?

Anonymous confessional - Who can you no longer look in their eyes? Why?

Anonymous confessional - What bad things are you thinking about doing?

Anonymous confessional - What is the most expensive or sentimental thing you have broken?

Anonymous confessional - What do you do when no one is looking?

Anonymous confessional - What have you done out of Jealousy? 

Anonymous confessional - What one thing would you change about your other half?

Anonymous confessional - What lie have to told to get with someone?

Anonymous Confessional - What is the most cringeworthy thing you have done in public?

Anonymous Confessional - Who are you not wanting to bump into this weekend?

Anonymous Confessional - What do you want to confess on someone else's behalf?

Anonymous Confessional - Is there anything you'd like to confess about your body?

Anonymous Confessional - What little white lie have you told that spun out of control?

Anonymous Confessional - What are your bedroom memories you'd like to erase?

Anonymous Confessional - Open house confessions...

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