Real Names: Jake Roche, Charley Bagnall, Danny Wilkin and Lewi Morgan
Born: 16 September 1992 (Jake), 25 March 1986 (Charley), 5 May 1990 (Danny) and 10 January 1988 (Lewi)
Star Sign: Virgo (Jake), Aries (Charley), Taurus (Danny) and Capricorn (Lewi)

Career History
Forming in 2012, the four lads were established as 'Relics', before changing their name to the now-Rixton. Their first single charted internationally, and the quartet have supported the likes of Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran and Demi Lovato. They have also been nominated for an array of Teen Choice Awards.

Did you know?
Jake Roche got engaged to Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson.
He also appeared in the Johnny Depp movie, 'Finding Neverland' as an orphan.
The band started to gain recognition when they started uploading covers of tracks on YouTube.
First Single: 'Me and My Broken Heart'
Rixton Discography: 'Me and My Broken Heart EP' (2014)