Real Name: Andy Brown, Ryan Fletcher, Joel Peat and Adam Pitts
Born: 8 May 1987 (Andy), 9 January 1990 (Ryan), 27 June 1990 (Joel) and 24 December 1990 (Adam)
Star Sign: Taurus (Andy), Capricorn (Ryan), Cancer (Joel) and Capricorn (Adam)

Career History
Originally known as 'The Groves', Lawson began recording music in 2010, and built up an online fanbase by recording covers of the likes of Bruno Mars and Adele. They were then asked to open for acts like Jessie J and The Wanted, until they released their own official single, 'When She Was Mine' and embarked on their own headline tour.

Did you know?
Lawson's dedicated fan group are known as 'geese' after the term was picked up on Twitter.
Both 'When She Was Mine' and 'Standing In The Dark' are said to be about The Saturdays' Mollie King.
First Single: 'When She Was Mine'
Lawson Discography: 'Chapman Square' (2012)