Katy Perry: 'Teenage Dream comes from the heart'

Katy Perry has admitted that she wrote her recent album 'Teenage Dream' from the heart.

The singer said she made a conscious effort to avoid focusing on 'materialistic' lyrics and fame when she was working on the follow-up to her 2008 album 'One Of The Boys'.

'I always want to be completely honest and, for this record in particular, I knew from the outside world, a lot had changed,' she told MTV News.

'[But] I was hoping that I was still the same me, [the] kind of quirky, weird-perspective girl that I've always been,' she continued.

'But you know, there was a lot of distraction and glitz and glam. When you get to a certain point, you have to push it all away and remember what your core is, and that's what I did for this record.'

After scoring three UK Number Ones, Katy added that she's happy she didn't sucked into talking about fame now.

'I feel really happy that I took that time to not write about DJs and fame, the materialistic world, which is great 'cause I love those glitz-and-glamour bells and whistles, but I know people connect to more substantial [lyrics],' she added.

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