Jessie J On Becoming A Singer: "I Knew I Wanted To Be Something"

13 April 2012, 15:38

The 'LaserLight' star says she worked hard to become good at singing and songwriting.

Jessie J says she always knew she wanted to "be something" and worked hard from a young age to make it in the music business.

The 'Domino' singer admits everything changed for her when she realised she had a talent for song-writing, and she got into the industry because she always "loved a challenge". 

"I wasn't always someone who was talented," Jessie revealed to Glamour magazine. "It was more that I was loud and loved a challenge.

"From a young age I knew I wanted to be something in the world," the 'LaserLight' singer explained. "When I was 13, I saw with my mom and dad and went, "I think I want to do this properly. What can I do?'

"I went to the Brit School to do musical theater or be a musician," Jessie added. "Then I started writing songs, and everything changed for me. I wanted to tell the world what I think and feel."

Jessie J confirmed earlier today (13th April) that she has now started work on her second album, the follow-up to her 2011 debut 'Who You Are'.

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