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Beyonce on stage proposal

WATCH: Beyonce Let Her Tour Dancer’s Boyfriend Propose On Stage & It Was Magical

Beyoncé - 'Hold Up'

Beyoncé - 'Hold Up'

Chance The Rapper Beyonce Jay Z 35th Birthday Part

Take A Sneak Peek At What Went Down At Beyoncé's EPIC 70s Soul Train Birthday Party

Beyoncé on Snapchat

Beyoncé's Mum Just Spoke Out On Reports About That Rumoured Secret Snapchat Account


The Truth About Beyoncé's 'Becky With The Good Hair' Is Such A Massive Disappointment

Beyonce & A Fan Letter

This 8 Year Old Fan Wrote A Letter To Beyonce About Getting ‘Turnt Up’ & It’s Too Adorable