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Beyoncé 'Pregnant' Claim Fans

WATCH: Is Beyoncé Pregnant With Her Fourth Child?

Beyonce stage ladder

WATCH: Beyoncé Had To Be Rescued By Ladder After Her Flying Stage Malfunctioned

Beyonce Dance Routine

Watch: Swimmer Warms Up Before A Race With Beyoncé's Iconic Coachella Dance Routine

Blue Ivy Beyonce Jay Z

Video: Blue Ivy’s Reaction To Beyoncé & Jay Z’s Raunchy Tour Footage Is EVERYTHING

Beyonce Jay Z Album

Jay-Z And Beyonce's Joint Album 'Everything Is Love' Finally Addresses The Rapper's 'Secret Love Child'

Jay-Z Blue Ivy Throwing Up The Roc Asset

WATCH: Blue Ivy Steals The Show At Beyoncé/Jay-Z Tour By Forcing Friends To Dance With Her


Beyoncé & Jay Z Just Dropped A Joint Album On Stage In London