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Beyoncé And The Lion King Rumours

Imagine This... Beyoncé Is Set To Produce The Soundtrack To Disney's 'The Lion King' Remake!

Beyoncé Wax Work

Madame Tussauds Hit Back As Angry Fans Claim Beyoncé‘s New Waxwork Looks ‘Lighter Than Britney Spears’

Beyoncé's First Picture Of Twins

One Mum Hilariously Recreated Beyoncé's Baby Photo In The Most Incredible/Budget Snap Going...

Beyoncé's First Picture Of Twins

Beyoncé Has FINALLY Shared The First Picture Of Her Month-Old Twins And Confirmed Their Names!

DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled Reveals The One Person He Gets Starstruck Around & No, It's Not Himself

Beyonce HBO Live Special

WATCH: Was Beyoncé Hinting At Jay-Z's Cheating Back In 2014 In This Emotional Live Performance?!

Beyoncé & Jay-Z Joint Album

JAY-Z & Beyoncé Are Set To Release A Joint Album That'll Be 'The Final Part Of A Trilogy'