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Beyonce & Jay Z

Beyoncé's Twins Are Reportedly' Being Treated For Jaundice' After Being 'Born Prematurely'

Beyonce & Matthew Knowles

Beyonce Fans Are Pretty Angry At Her Dad After He Let Slip About The Twins' Birth Before She Could

Beyonce & Jay Z

Beyoncé & Jay Z Officially Welcome The Birth Of Their Twins

Jay Z and Beyoncé Mash-Up Album

LISTEN: Guys, There's A Beyoncé And Jay Z Mash-Up Mix Tape, And It's Legit The Dopest Album Going

Beyonce Pregnant

Fans Are Convinced Beyoncé Has Already Given Birth & Here's The Suspicious Evidence To Back Up Their Theory

Celeb couples fangirling

11 Celeb Couples Who Prove That 99% Of The Time, Your Biggest Fan Is Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Audition Tapes

These 10 Celebs Are Gonna Wish We Hadn't Managed To Find Their First Ever Audition Tapes