Adele label boss slams over-sexualisation of female stars

Adele's record label boss has criticised the portrayal of female popstars.

Richard Russell, founder of XL Recordings, has slammed music industry attitudes for over-sexualising female artists.

He pointed to Adele's recent success as an example of an artist who had the potential to change the way women were seen in the industry by focusing on her music rather than her sexuality.

'The whole message with [Adele] is that it's just music, it's just really good music,' Russell said.

'There is nothing else. There are no gimmicks, no selling of sexuality. I think in the American market, particularly, they have come to the conclusion that is what you have to do.'

He added that he watched a recent MTV show featuring top 10 hits from female artists and they were all scantily clad.

'It's just so boring, crass and unoriginal,' Russell told The Guardian.

'Now you see that Adele is Number One, what a great thing. Not only are young girls going to see that, but the [also] the business people behind all those videos, it's going to make them rethink what they should be doing.'